How do I reset my Mary Seacole open / local password?

The following procedure outlines the steps needed if you have forgotten your Mary Seacole virtual campus password or need to change it for security reasons.

1.     Sign into NHSx  using your 10 - digit academy ID for your Username.                See Figure 1.

                                                                         Log into NHSx
                                                                              Figure 1

2.    Once logged in to NHSx, you will be at the "Dashboard" page.  Go to account settings by selecting               your name in the top right hand corner of the page and then  selecting on "Settings".  See Figure 2.  

                                                                                Figure 2 

       On selecting "Settings" you will be presented with the "Manage your account" page. See Figure 3.

                                                                          "Manage your account" page  
                                                                                            Figure 3 

3.  Scroll down the page to the "Password" section.  Enter your new password in the "New password" box       and retype the new password in the "Confirm password" box.
     Having a password is a critical part of remaining secure.  When setting your password, it should be a           mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, and preferably symbols.
4.  Once you have typed in a new password, in both fields, select "UPDATE MY ACCOUNT". See Figure 4.

Update button                                     Select "UPDATE MY ACCOUNT" to save your changes.
                                                                       Figure 4

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