How do I change my contact details?

Following procedure will allow you to enter / update your home / work address details, telephone contact numbers.

  1. Sign into NHSx using your 10 - digit Academy ID for your username:
  2. In the 'Dashboard' screen navigate to the top right hand side and select your name and from the options presented in the drop down box select "Settings".  See Figure 1 below.

On the "Dashboard" screen navigate to the top right and select your name and then Settings

Figure 1

3.  On the next screen, see Figure 2, select "UPDATE" in the "Extended profile" on the left hand side and             enter the relevant information pertinent to yourself.

Select "UPDATE" in the "Extended profile"

Figure 2

4.  Once you have updated / entered your information select "UPDATE PROFILE SETTINGS" at the                     bottom of the screen to save the entered information.  See Figure 3. 

               Select "UPDATE PROFILE SETTINGS" to commit your changes 

Figure 3

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