How do I change my email address?

Following shows the process on how to update your email address.

  1. Log into NHSx using your 10 - digit Academy ID for your Username.  See Figure 1.

Log into NHSx

Figure 1

2.  In the 'Dashboard' screen navigate to the top right hand side and select on your name and from                       the options presented in the drop down box select 'Settings'.  See Figure 2 below. 

   Select on your name and then 'Settings'

                                                                                 Figure 2

3.  On selecting the 'Settings' option from the drop down box, you will be taken to the 'Manage your account'          section, as shown in Figure 3.  Select the Email box and update your email address.

Update email address in the box marked 'Email'   

Figure 3

4.  Once you have updated / entered your email address select 'UPDATE MY ACCOUNT' at the lower right            hand side of the screen to save your change / update of your email address.  See Figure 4.

                           Commit updated email address by selecting 'UPDATE MY ACCOUNT'

                                                                         Figure 4

5.   Your updated email address change will be confirmed at the top of the page.  See Figure 5.

Successful change confirmation

Figure 5

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