Franklin - Submitting your assignment

Submitting an Assignment on Rosalind Franklin Virtual Campus

Save Assignment as PDF

Your assignment should be saved as a PDF in order to upload it to the Virtual Campus (VC). Most versions of Microsoft Office or other Office software allow you to 'Save as...' PDF or online tools are available to convert files to PDF. Please ask your IT Department for help if you need further guidance.

It is recommended that you save your assignment with a filename in the format:
[NHSX id/VC login] - Franklin Assignment - [Month] [Year].pdf
e.g. 1000012345 - Franklin Assignment - January 2020.pdf

Uploading Assignment

  1. Open the VC and scroll down to find the link to the Assignment sectionAssignment section
  2. Click on the Cohort Assignment LinkCohort assignment link
  3. On the summary screen; click on the Add submission linkAssignment submission status summary
  4. Drag and drop your PDF assignment to the drag and drop area or use the Add File button to browse your computer and select the file.File upload dialog
  5. (Optional) You can add a comment if desired; type in the Add a comment... box and click Save comment
  6. Click the Submit assignment button at the bottom of the screen
    Assignment summary screen with comment added
  7. Read the submission statement and check the box to confirm you agree with it and to submit your assignment.Confirm submission dialog
  8. You will see the submission status summary; check that you can see Submitted for grading and all looks correct.Submitted assignment summary screen