Virtual Campus Update (Nightingale to NHSUK) September-2020

Virtual Campus Update

Change Overview

The screenshots below are to give you a brief overview of how the Virtual Campus (VC) will change in September 2020. The VC is being updated to a new version of Moodle and theme which helps make the site more accessible, both to those who use alternative technologies to access it (e.g. screen readers) and from different devices (e.g. tablets or mobile phones).

You can find out more about the redesign in this Digital Team blog item.

Login Screen

The login screen now follows a similar layout to other Leadership Academy sites. The username, password and Log in buttons are available as before.

HLM Facilitators Old Theme vs New Theme Login screen


This page changes the most in the new theme; everything you need is still available however! Please note the main areas that have moved:

  • For ‘Home’, use the Sidebar ‘Site Home’ menu link or the ‘Home’ link at top of each page
  • User Profile, Messaging and Notifications are all available in the top bar alongside the ‘Search’ option; click on the magnifying glass to show it if you can’t already see it. Enter your search term and click on the magnifying glass icon or press return to be taken to a results page; you can then filter or refine further.Programme Content is still available to you in the main panel, or use the Sidebar Menu to the left of the screen (this will be available from anywhere on the site).

User Tours

Some areas of the VC may have pop-up User Tours to highlight changes or features; you will see them the first time you access that page, and can reset and show them again using the link at the bottom of the VC (not available on every page). 

Content Pages

Once you access the main content on the VC, you’ll find some differences in how text and links look, but the structure of the content hasn’t been changed so navigation should feel familiar. The notes from the Dashboard apply to menu layouts and the search options. Other links on the right-hand side (including the Calendar, Upcoming Events and TurnItIn Twitter feed) are now available by scrolling down to below the main content. 

New Menu Items

You may see items that you’ve not noticed before due to them being moved to more prominent positions on the screen, or being moved from sub-menus. Some of these may hint at new features that we don’t currently use, so please don’t worry if you don’t recognise something!
(Examples in the screenshot above are Private files and Content bank which come with newer versions of Moodle, but aren’t used as part of our programmes). 
We will be refining the look and layout based on feedback, so you may not see these options, or may see other new areas; please check the links at the top of this guide as they’ll be updated, and check for further communications via the forums or email.

Help and Feedback

If you can’t find anything, or have any issues with the upgraded VC, please contact support via the usual channels. 
We will be providing a feedback mechanism for your comments shortly; these will feed in to further improvements and updates moving forwards, so please look out for further details over the coming weeks including a link to a feedback form.
Thanks in advance for working with us through this significant update; we look forward to your feedback and improving your experience further as you return to your Leadership Academy Programme.