Farewell NHSx, Hello Profile System!


Since 2014, the Leadership Academy has used a system called NHSx that was custom designed to allow participants to:

  • Manage their profile information including name, email and personal characteristics
  • Apply to join Academy programmes
  • View Programme digital development resources (including the earlier version of the Edward Jenner Programme)
  • Access their Virtual Campuses (VCs) where applicable (for programmes including Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Rosalind Franklin, Mary Seacole and Nye Bevan).

After many years of use, the time has come to retire NHSx and replace it with more modern, NHS branded, modular, secure and scalable systems in order to keep up with new standards and security requirements and guidelines.

Farewell NHSx:Farewell to NHSx

Hello Leadership Academy Profile System:

What's happening?

New software systems are being procured and developed that will work together to give you a better user experience including

    • Digital Application Process to allow you to apply for programmes
      [ ALREADY ACTIVE for Leadership Programmes, more details on Leadership Academy Website Programmes page]
    • Single sign-on allowing you to access multiple sites, programmes and offerings with one username and password
      [ INTEGRATED with your Academy Virtual campuses and new Profile system and more integrations to follow in future]
    • Profile Management System to allow you to control, update and manage your contact and personal details securely in one place
      [ LAUNCHES on 18th Jan 2022]

Your NHSx login details (the 10 digit Academy ID (username) and password that you currently use to access VCs or other Leadership Academy offerings) and any personal information stored in NHSx will be migrated to these new systems as far as possible.

Some details (for example your NHS region) may not be directly moved as these have changed over time. However, these would be done over time and no additional input is needed from your end.

When is the new Profile System launching? When is NHSx going away?

From Monday 17th January 2022, NHSx will be retired and no longer available for access. You won't be able to login to it to retrieve any information or access any other systems via the nhsx.uk website. However, all your login details and data will be intact and accessible from new Profile system going forward.

What do I need to do next?

  • Please bear with us during this migration. NHSx holds a lot of data and functionality from a long period time. The Digital Delivery Team has planned extensively and is working hard to minimise any disruption during the retirement of NHSx and launch of the new systems, but recognises the scale of the work needed and the likelihood there will be some unexpected issues in the short term.
  • Watch out for and read any communications from the Leadership Academy which may come via email or on the website or on Programme VC forums from:
    • The Leadership Academy Digital Delivery Team
    • The Leadership Academy Digital Support Team
    • Your Programme Team
    • Facilitators and Faculty supporting you on Leadership programmes
    • Each other! Please share and look out for other members of your cohort, tutor group, impact group or action learning set
  •  Be aware of and refer to the help available on this Support site (https://support.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk). New articles will be added over time, including:

How to get help

  • If you're currently on a Leadership Academy Programme, please use your normal support routes (typically email or phone support detailed in your handbook or on the VC)
  • For issues with specific areas (i.e. if you're trying to register an account for the first time), please use the specific support email or phone number listed on that system to enable us to help you most effectively
  • Other issues can be sent to specific programme or offering teams (details on the website 'contact us' page)
  • Use the Contact link at the top of this page to send a ticket to our Digital Support Team; please be aware they may be busy during the initial launch of the new systems, so thanks in advance for your patience.