Help with emails

Initial Checks

If you have issues receiving emails (for example, when you try resetting a password) please check the following:

  1. Emails aren't going in to your spam/junk folder. (If they are, you can try adding our email addresses as contacts; please see below)
  2. You're entering a valid email address registered on our system. Many people use different email addresses so please be aware which one you have registered with us and try one of your others, just in case!

What email addresses might we contact you from?

You may receive emails from the following addresses:


For Elizabeth Garrett Anderson participants, you may also receive emails from:


How to add these addresses as contacts

Adding these email addresses to your contacts in your email client or provider may help you receive messages from us and avoid them being filtered unintentionally.

Instructions for some email providers are below; you may need to search online for instructions on how to add a contact to other email providers.

How to add a contact in Microsoft Outlook

How to add a contact in Google Mail

Create or edit contacts in Contacts on

Work Email Filtering

Many email work addresses use a third-party email scanner (such as TopSec or Mimecast). You may find that these block legitimate emails, in which case your trust or employer IT department may need to be contacted to ask if emails from the addresses above are being filtered before they get to your inbox.