Profile System User Guide

NHS Leadership Academy Profile System

The following user guide walks through steps on registration, login, programmes and profile areas in the Profile system.

Once you have an account, you will be able to apply and access for the different programmers offered by the NHS Leadership Academy.

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  1. Visit the Profile home page, if you are a new user and would like to create an account
  2. Click on the 'Register' link to create a profile as shown in figure 1.

[Figure 1]

3. Fill up the form with your details and click on the checkbox at the bottom to accept our Data Privacy Policy and agreement. 
(Please feel free to click on our Data Privacy Policy link if you'd like to have a read of our Privacy policy.)

Click on the 'Register' (as seen in Figure 2.) button to create an Academy profile.

[Figure 2]

4. Once you have registered for an account with us, you will get a success screen as seen below  

and a verification email (as seen in Figure 3) on your email ID. Click on the 'Verify Your Account' button to verify your email address.

[Figure 3]

5. You should now receive a "Welcome" email (as seen in Figure 4) that also contains your 10-digit Academy ID to be used for application and access to other Leadership programmes.

[Figure 4]

Login to your Profile

5. In order to login to your profile, please visit the Profile home page and click on the Login link (as seen in Figure 5) OR from the top-menu.

[Figure 5]

6. The next screen will prompt you to enter your 10-digit Academy ID and Password > Click 'Login' button once you have entered these details. See Figure 6.

[Figure 6]

6. If you have entered the right details, you should be able to successfully login to your Profile account.

Forget Academy ID or Password

7. If you have forgotten your 10-digit Academy ID or password, they can be found out from the Login screen when you hit the 'Reset password' button. Click on the 'Reset Password' button. See Figure 7

[Figure 7]

8. Enter your registered Email Address and Click on the 'Reset Password' button to get the email with link to change password that also contains your 10-digit Academy ID username. See Figure 8.

[Figure 8.]

9.Once clicked on the Reset password and if you have a registered email address with us, you will get an email notification (See Figure 9) on your registered email address that contains a change password link.

[Figure 9]

10. The Password change email will contain your 10-digit Academy ID (as highlighted in the red box in Figure 10). Click on the 'Change Password' button or copy paste the link from the email in a browser to take you to the Password Reset screen. .

[Figure 10]

11. Enter a password of your choice in 'New password' and 'Confirm Password' text boxes; Click on 'Change Password'. See Figure 11.

[Figure 11]

12. You will then see a "Your password has been successfully changed" message and can click on the "Login page" link to go back to the Login screen. See Figure 12.

[Figure 12]

Still having trouble logging in?

13. If you still have trouble logging in or do not remember your registered email address, please contact who can help you provide these details. 

Academy Profile Home Page

14. If you have entered your correct credentials, you will be able to see your Academy Profile Home page. See Figure 13. 

You can see your 10-digit Academy ID at the top right corner and the email address you're logged in with on the home page

[Figure 13]

Academy Profile Edit

15. You would be able to edit your profile details by clicking on ' View Academy Profile' link from home page OR by clicking on 'Profile' option from the top menu (as seen in Figure 13).  

16. Your profile is divided into various sections (like Personal Details, Email update, Home address, Employment details, Demographics information), each with an 'Edit' button. See Figure 14

[Figure 14]

17. When clicked on 'Edit' from the previous step, you would now be able to change or update your details. Additional fields like email address can be changed by clicking on 'Change' link as show in Figure 15 below.

[Figure 15]

18. You would be able to edit and fill in the details and click on 'Submit'. See Figure 16.

[Figure 16]


19. To view existing programmes that are freely accessible, click on ' Programmes' option from top menu. 

20. In the below Figure 17, Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM) programme is freely available to apply for by completing few missing details.
As per programme requirements, the missing bits that are required to be completed can be filled by clicking on 'Complete missing' link.

[Figure 17]

21. Once applied to the programme with all the missing details provided, the link to the programme will change to 'Access' as shown in Figure 18 which when clicked, will take you to the respective programme site. 

(in case of HLM, it will take you to HLM self-assessment tool site)

[Figure 18]


22. You can Logout from Academy Profile account by clicking on 'Logout' from the menu bar. 

This will take you again to the Login page.

See Figure 19.

[Figure 19]

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