Mary Seacole Local and Apprenticeships

Accessing the Virtual Campus

A typical (but not exclusive!) journey for a participant on Mary Seacole Local or Apprenticeship is likely to be as follows.

  1. You apply or are selected for the programme via a Mary Seacole local delivery partner or provider; this may be your trust, apprenticeship provider, or Local Leadership Academy.
  2. You're asked to register with the Leadership Academy
  3. As part of the registration, you must provide your 10-digit Academy ID. You may already have one if you've engaged with another of our offerings, or you may need to register for one. This Academy ID is your unique personal single sign-on username; keep it safe and don't share your password with anybody else.

    NOTE: each Academy ID and email are linked uniquely; ensure that if you have multiple IDs, you provide the ID linked to the email address that you want to use for the programme.

  4. Once everybody in your cohort has registered successfully, and when requested (typically on the launch day for your cohort), all of your cohort IDs will be granted access within the Profile system and single sign-on (SSO), allowing you to log in to the VC.
  5. You'll be provided with a unique enrolment link and key for your cohort by your local provider or cohort facilitator. This is managed in different ways by your local licence provider.
  6. When instructed, open your cohort unique link, log in to the VC, and enter the enrolment key to enrol yourself into your cohort.

You only need to carry out this enrolment process once.

Troubleshooting Enrolment Issues

If you can't log in to the Virtual Campus, please check if you can log in to the Profile System at successfully to test your ID and password are correct.

Details on how to retrieve your Academy ID or reset your password are available in the Profile User Guide

If you see the following message: 'error/Your account does not have access to this website. Please contact for assistance.'

this may be due to the following:

  • you haven't been allowed access to the VC yet; check when your cohort launch date is
  • you're logged in using a different ID to the one provided during registration; please visit and log in to verify which ID and email you are using; you can logout and log in with a different account before trying to access the VC again.

In the first instance, check if others in your cohort are able to access the VC yet and contact whoever provided you with your enrolment link and key. If others in your cohort can access the VC successfully, the Academy will need to check that the right ID has been provided and granted access; this should be escalated via your local licence and the Academy Programme Team.

If you're having further issues logging in with the correct ID and password, please contact the support team at

Virtual Campus Areas (or Courses) - 2022 Cohorts onwards

As part of Mary Seacole Programme joining the programme from 2022 onwards (previous Cohorts are likely to differ slightly), you will be part of two main areas on the VC. 

Because we use Moodle to deliver the Virtual Campus, you will see these referred to as 'Courses' in some menus or areas of the VC.

1. Your Cohort Area (for example, Demo Cohort 02)

This is where you will 'land' on the VC when you follow your enrolment link at initial enrolment. It contains:

  1. Introduction to the Programme
  2. A link to the main Mary Seacole Programme area (see below)
  3. Assignment guidance and the area you'll need to submit your final assignment
  4. Additional Resources - e.g. help and guidance for assignments, extenuating circumstances policy
  5. Your Cohort Discussion Forum where you can read, post and reply to comments, plus make meaningful contributions as needed

2. The Mary Seacole Programme Content area

When you enrol into your cohort, you automatically are enrolled into the main Mary Seacole Programme course too. This contains all of the resources, activities and modules that form the core Mary Seacole Programme.

Moving between Courses

From your cohort area, you can click the Mary Seacole Programme picture to move to the main content.

Once you've successfully enrolled into your Cohort, you can now go to the main campus at instead of needing your unique cohort link again.

When you're logged in to the VC, if you're not already there, you can click Dashboard on the main menu to the left of the screen to view your dashboard, see the courses you're enrolled in, and quickly click on them to access them. This is a quick way to get back to the top level of the VC if you're disoriented! 

Alternatively, use the breadcrumb trail at the top of the main content to work out where you are; click to move back up through the VC content; click 'Home' to take you back to the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, you can see 'My Courses' containing the areas you're enrolled into; pick whether to view your Cohort or the Main Programme from here.

Main Menu Context

When you're in one of these areas, you will also see the menu on the left-hand side of the VC changes contextually. If you're in the main Seacole Programme content, you'll see a list of all the module, plus a link to your cohort area, the dashboard etc.

If you're in your cohort area, you'll see a shorter menu with less options.

So if you're not sure where you've ended up in the VC, or don't see the sections you expect, please try working back from the Dashboard, or navigate into the other area/course to see if that helps.

Progress/Completion Tracking - Updated August 2023

It's important to note that your progress and completion status will be against the main Seacole Programme area. (The only activity to complete in the Cohort area is to upload your final assignment, so the completion progress bar only shows that.)

Previously, there was a Completion Progress bar at the bottom of the screen showing participants their progress through the Programme, and facilitators could click 'Overview of students' to see a Cohort overview.

From August 2023, please use the Completion Progress Levels to view progression. Participants will see a badge numbered from 1 to 10 and a percentage bar. Click 'View my progress' to go to a full list of activities if you would like to see the full breakdown.

Participant view; click 'View my progress' to view the full list of activities if required

Faculty will have the option to view an overview for their cohorts; click the 'Overview' button. This will take a while to process, so please be patient.

The Completion Progress Levels block for a facilitator with 'Overview' button

Once the screen is displayed, choose the dropdown for the cohort you wish to view and you'll see a list of names with completion percentages. Click on a column header (e.g. Progress) to sort by that column, click again to sort in reverse order.

Dropdown to select cohort within the Overview screen
List view of completion for participants sorted by Progress

The previous method will still work for participants; please view the completion progress bar within the main Mary Seacole Programme content area: