Anderson Tutors: Single sign-on (SSO) 2023


Dear Tutor,

We will soon be standardising all tutor logins to use single sign-on. Many tutors already use their 10-digit Academy ID to login, but some are still using an older method. These old logins only exist on the Anderson 13+ Virtual Campus and will usually be in the format forename.surname.

Why are we changing?

As Anderson has been updated and offered in different ways (for example, as part of apprenticeship programmes), we have developed multiple Virtual Campuses, and more tutors are now switching between them to support different cohorts.

At the same time, we've moved away from our old NHSx system to use a single sign-on system. This is an improved, modern way of managing usernames and password and brings benefits including:

  • a secure, industry leading identity provider that can help recognise insecure or compromised user accounts, and any hacking attempts on our Virtual Campuses and other systems.
  • usernames and password are stored securely centrally, logins are monitored and logged, and any suspicious activity for a user is flagged or blocked in a way that can't be done with historic logins.
  • the same username and password can be used across multiple Virtual Campuses with a single-click after you've logged in once.
  • your login and personal details are stored and updated in one central place, so if you need to change your name or password, you only have to do this once. Changes are then reflected on any campus at next login.

All participants already use single sign-on to access NHS Leadership Academy systems.

What will happen?

You will move from using the 'Other Facilitator or Admin' (on Anderson 13+ Virtual Campus) to the 'Log in with NHS Leadership Academy' green button on the VC (Virtual Campus) login page, in the same way as participants.

Clicking the same button on other VCs will then log you straight in without needing to re-enter login details

You'll use our Profile system to keep your personal details and password up to date.

What do I need to do?

What happens next?

Once all tutors have a 10-digit Academy ID, we will send further comms confirming the date login will change.

We will then convert all accounts on the VC to use single sign-on.

Because we will migrate your existing VC account, all your current access, enrolments, roles and history will remain the same; it is only the method of login that changes. This is why it is vital email addresses match between the VC and the Profile system to ensure a smooth transition.

You will then begin using the single sign-on 'Login with NHS Leadership Academy' button in the same way as all other users.

Further Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via normal support channels.

For further information on the Profile system, please visit our Profile System support page.